General FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General infrormation about 911 Operator.
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General FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Postby Hibblejaybob » 13 Sep 2017, 17:53

This FAQ answers some of the most commonly asked questions. This guide covers general queries about the game and gameplay advice. For technical questions, please see the specific FAQ for your device (PC, console, or mobile).

How can I check if my city is available in 911 Operator?

Go to, search a name of the city, click proper result on the list situated on the top left side of the screen. Check if property “name:prefix” is described as city or town. If yes, the city will be available in the game.

I found a mistakes on a city map. Can you repair it?

We’re constantly polishing our game. However, due to enormous number of possible maps, we can’t manage to change every map individually. Maps in our games are based on data from OpenStreetMap service. We encourage you to take part in improving its open source content.

I’ve bought the game on Kickstarter or paid by PayPal, but I haven't received a code yet. (PC Only)

Please contact our publisher at, they will be able to help you directly.

I get negative points for resolving the cases, why is that?

First careful study your after duty report. It will help you to understand why in some cases negative reputation was assigned. Not every incident is supposed to be resolved by teams. Sometimes, it’s enough to give instructions over phone, at other times you should just ignore a call (e.g. prank call). You’ll get positive reputation points for ignoring the call, if sending units was unnecessary.

In my country emergency number is different than 911.

To make our game most realistic, we decided to adjust all technical and law rules to United States of America emergency dispatch system. We might covered another emergency numbers in future.

Why do you have a DLC?

Content from the DLC was one of the rewards on Kickstarter. We made that additional content especially for our backers. However, we decided to offer it for all gamers for a small fee. Why isn’t it free? We believe it wouldn’t be fair to Kickstarter backers who spend more money to get additional reward. Income from that DLC will be used for further development process of 911 Operator, during which we prepare free content for future update (new fully voiceovered content, new incidents, additionals translations etc.).

I have a suggestion what you can change in game.

Thank you for all your feedback, you can send your suggestion to


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